“Pircantaturi” awarded as Best Sound

Pircantaturi_HeaderSicily, 1930. The task of a “Pircantaturi” was to lurk outside the house of an bankrupt debtor: their silent presence in front of a door was enough to label the victim as a man without honour…

The short directed by Alice Buscaldi, Angela Conigliaro, Lorenzo Fresta has been awarded “Best Sound” at the CortoLovere Festival 2015 “For the completeness of sound design and music which both support the story, defining the comic timing with perfect synchrony “.

From original Sicilian soundscapes originally captured, to the foleys recorded for the occasion, the main objective during the whole sound design creation process was to clearly reference the sound of the mid-1960s Spaghetti Western, while introducing a concept of modern aesthetics.

During the post-production sessions, the relationship with the composer Fulvio Chiara was essential to reach the perfect balance between sound and music: a REAL collaboration, as it should always be…

Congrats to our team!

Title: Pircantaturi
Directors: Alice Buscaldi, Angela Conigliaro, Lorenzo Fresta
Sound Design: Paolo Armao
Music: Fulvio Chiara
Audio Post-production facilities: Zero dB Studios
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1
Website: http://pircantaturi.tumblr.com/