Dance For The Camera Workshop: The Movement of Editing

Tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd August at 9 pm GMT, Graham Taylor – a London based video editor -will discuss “The Movement of Editing” at the Dance for The Camera Workshop.

If you want to join our Skype conversation please email me:

Graham Taylor

A film editor mainly working on documentaries for British broadcasters including the BBC and Channel 4. Freelancing for around 8 years, Graham began his relationship with film-making in his teenage years like many learning to edit on simple vhs edit suites, and through skateboarding films developed a progressive attitude to the potential of the moving image.

After studying film and media, he worked as an assistant editor in a London post production house developing his skills as a craft editor. As an assistant he was also able to gain insight into sound post production and VFX.
“My real film making experience began when I went freelance and began gaining long form credits, which confirmed my early insticts that in film, the edit is where the story telling is at it’s most potent”.  Through his work in long and short form, drama documentaries and arts films, Graham continues to work on projects with originality and integrity.
Recent films i’ve cut have included the landmark series “Our War: The Invisble Enemy” for the BBC. Using soldier shot footage to tell the devastating story of the the conflict in Afghanistan and “The men who jump off buildings” for C4 profiling the clandestine world of urban base jumping.

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