Designing the sound of “The Wait of Gravity”

“Amphibious, primal, fluid. Grounded in architectural space while gravity shifts and perhaps time is optional, the solo human form pushes and pulls her way through a womb-like arena.”

The Wait of Gravity is a Dance for the Camera piece directed by Renata Sheppard. Originally shot in 2007 at the University Of Illinois, sound editing sessions took place at Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park sound studios in December 2010.

Using sound as a tool to create a physical relationship between the audience and the frame, a unique framework has been used to give the right depth and spacial point of view.

The piece has been selected at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2011 and at the S.L.A.M. “Motion in Media Festival” 2011.

Here’s a link for the full version of the film. Enjoy the experience!

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