Designing sound for Cotrone: an interactive performance

It has been published on  “The New Soundtrack” (Edinburgh University Press), Issue 2.1 the article I wrote in collaboration with Andrea Valle about the approaches we used for the interactive play directed by Marcel.lì Antùnez Roca, co-founder of “La fura dels Baus” in 1979.

For the show, premiered in Turin in November 2010, we produced more than 700 sound samples and 30 music backgrounds. 95% of the sounds (soundscapes, sound effects, foleys, walla) were recorded, edited and optimized for the real time engine of the show, while the remaining 5% were taken from our sound libraries (basically some backgrounds, room tones and some special effects like explosions).

In this genre it is difficult to come across established frameworks, best production practices, or workflow pipelines to reference. Instead, we relied on an accumulation of innovative principles and methodologies from heterogeneous fields.
That’s the idea behind the video you can find below, that complement the article in order to show the techniques we used to design the sound and to compose music.

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