David Sonnenschein’s Visual Maps: a tool for Sound Design and Storytelling

In September 2010 I attended a Webinar held by David Sonnenschein on Sound Design techniques and Sound Effects Design.
At the end of this 5-weeks course, I was asked by David to write a testimonial on how I used some of the tools for story analysis that he presented during the workshop.

My previous experience on Il Naturalista, a short movie for which I was the Sound Designer, was the perfect example to demonstrate how I used Visual Maps.
This short, directed by Michele Tozzi, Federico Parodi, Giulia Barbera and Gianluca Lo Presti and produced by the Italian National Film School, was an Official Selection at the Fetival Of Cannes 2009.

Hope this can be a useful reading for all who are interested in Sound Design and storytelling. Here’s the link for the article:

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